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Benefits of Having Your Oil & Filter Changed at a Dealership in Dry Ridge, KY

Being a car owner means staying on top of the routine maintenance your car needs to function. If you fall behind or disregard this service, your car could depreciate in value and have issues that could've been easily avoided. Getting your oil changed is an essential part of your vehicle's service. Check out the main benefits of not attempting to change your oil and filter at home.

You Don't Have to Clean Up

Once you remove the oil drain plug, there's no going back. Oil will go everywhere if you're not careful, so you have to wear gloves and avoid spills on clothing or the ground. Anyone who does laundry knows how difficult it can be to get any kind of oil stain out of clothing.

It Will Save You Time

In addition to the mess, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, this process could take a lot longer than it would for a trained professional to change it. You might spend more time reading directions online than actually changing your oil and filter.

It Will Save You Money

Changing your own oil takes up a lot of time, but it also can be more expensive than you think. It requires you to buy the right materials as well as have the correct tools to get the job done. All of these little expenses can begin to add up, and before you know it, an attempt to save money has turned into a bigger ordeal than you intended.

We're not encouraging you to not be in tune with what your vehicle needs, but when it comes to essential services, it's usually best to leave it to the professionals. Here at Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota, we take pride in offering our customers the best in customer service. So get your oil changed today if you've been putting it off.

If you have any remaining questions about when to get your oil changed, come by and see us at 9 Taft Highway, Dry Ridge, KY 41035. We look forward to serving customers from Florence, Cincinnati and Lexington.

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